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Common Discoveries

  • Loose and/or missing foundation bolts.

  • Electrical lines that are not properly fire-stopped and protected.

  • Joist hangers not fully nailed down, reducing structural strength.

  • Damaged Trusses and/or misplaced connector plates.

  • Repairs that are done incorrectly. 

  • Missing or poorly installed roof flashing details.

  • Water lines that are not properly protected through walls.

  • Drainage and grading issues with the site.

Stay On Track

Let Black Cat Inspection Services inspect your home at any one, or all of the new construction stages and we will provide you with a detailed inspection report to provide to your builder.  Keep everything on track and get ready to move in!  

new construction blueprints

Site & Foundation 

Make sure the home site and foundation are ready for your new home. This stage of construction is crucial to the health of your new home. Many structural and water penetration issues are result of defects in site drainage and foundation construction. Make sure your on solid footing. 


This is the only time we can inspect inside the walls. Vital wiring, plumbing, and structural details are accessible for the last time. This is a great opportunity to gauge the quality of work the builder is doing!

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Completed Home

You can't imagine what we find when inspecting new homes! Our full service inspection covers all accessible areas of the home. Rest assured that your new house is ready for move in!

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1 Year Warranty Inspection

If your builder offered a warranty, our report will provide them with an itemized list of repairs to be fixed before it expires.  We can provide peace of mind and potentially save you thousands! 

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Why inspect a new home?

The amount of issues we find in new homes is a surprise to many people. A new house is definitely not a perfect house! Let us inspect your home during the building process and report the defects so you can get the builder to fix them before they become your problems. This is one of the advantages of buying a new house.  Make sure your new dream home is right from the start. We offer four different new construction inspections.  Choose one or save by bundling all four together.    

Our Guarantee

There is absolutely no risk to you when booking with us because of our 200% No-Risk Guarantee.


RecallChek will identify if any of your appliances are subject to a manufacturers recall.

90 Day Warranty

We back all of our inspections with a 90 day Limited Structural and Mechanical Warranty. 

Roof Protection

Protects against new leaks in the roof of the home, for a period of 5 years following the inspection.  

Mold Safe

If mold is found, not present at your inspection, you are covered for remediation up to $2,000.

Sewer Gard

Sewer Line Protection from SewerGard the world leader in underground repair coverage. 


HomeBinder allows you to organize all related home information in a convenient online app.

Home Assistant

Enjoy Porch Home Assistant Gold for your move-in projects and all future home projects.

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