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Best money I have ever spent.

I was nervous going into the inspection but he eased my nerves knowing he is on the buyers side.

He was absolutely amazing.

By spending the money for this inspection, we were able to negotiate the repairs on some things that needed to be done immediately and save an extra $2,500 on items we can do ourselves later. Chris Hilton was great to work with and very knowledgable in his chosen field. This was money well spent.

Outstanding work. Very professional and pricing was great. Recommend Chris highly, as he takes the time to discuss his findings as he goes - allowing you to comprehend the issues at hand. 

I give 5 (stars) due to Chris Hilton's knowledge finding detailed issues inside and outside the house. He explained in detail of what was happening and how to fix the issues. He has great morals, experience in building houses and knowledge of all codes. To ensure your house is safe you're getting inspected. Very kind and doesn't mind if you tag along with him so he can explain in detail. I highly recommend Chris Hilton over the other inspectors. He is who you want on your side.

Chris has been wonderful to work with! He inspected two different homes for us during our search for a new home and provided valuable feedback on both. He even went back a second tome to re-inspect something for us and gave a detailed explanation of the results so we could make a fully informed decision.

Chris Hilton put our minds at ease during the beginning of the home inspection. He informed me to stick close and ask any questions I had about what he was looking at. He is extremely thorough, from the most minor thing you or I would never think about, to a hazard that needs attention, he left nothing out. I would not hesitate to hire him again.

I have had the pleasure of working with this fine gentleman who went above and beyond to inspect and assure that I was going to be a safe and happy homeowner. He is an expert in this field as evidenced by his detailed report. He explained findings as he moved from one room to another and allowed time for me to ask question right then.



I always recommend Chris. He is one of the most experienced and professional inspectors that I ever encountered. Decades of experience as a builder, and very familiar with building codes past and present. Excellent with clients (both buyers and sellers) and explaining the items on the inspection whether they are something to be concerned about or not.

Absolutely 100% satisfied and have been using him ever since I found him! I have had many clients impressed with his services as well. He found a dishwasher that had been recalled and was a potential fire hazard in a buyers home and was able to point them in the direction of getting a new one

Chris is the best! He is very professional and very thorough throughout the entire inspection. He makes sure that the client is informed and will answer any questions! He is prompt with his reports and scheduling is very easy to do!

The sellers were supposed to leave but ended up staying and they loved you. They couldn't believe how nice you were and how respectfully you addressed the issues you observed with their home with them looking on.

I recommend Chris at the top of my list. He is so thorough, exceeding standards set by the state and provides continuing education and recall check services to my clients through newsletters and access to his blogs. I build relationships with my clients and he helps me maintain those by providing value. He has a very understanding almost gentle way of helping nervous homebuyers that educates while never making them feel ignorant. I love the way he makes me look good to my clients through his doing a great job for them.

Chris Hilton goes above all others in explaining what’s going on with the house that my clients are getting ready to purchase, has a website that I can see his schedule when I need him on a short notice. As far as knowledge goes I have dealt with over 10 home inspectors in the last 10 years nobody has more knowledge in my experience with home inspections than Chris. I once called 3 inspectors to inspect my church roof, not one could do it within 2 weeks but Chris came out and walked the roof, and didn't even charge! That is an honest person with integrity, and earned mad respect from lots of people in the community!


He is too thorough and finds too much.

To the buyer's agent: "Why did you book him?" "Please cancel and book someone else" "Why would you book a deal killer?"

On asking a Realtor who hadn't booked with us before why she chose us to inspect the home: "You slaughtered my listing and I thought this home needed slaughtering.


You name it, we've inspected it.  No structure is too big or small. 
large home

"Thanks so much for the Home Inspection on my listing in Buena Vista...Older homes can be a problem...My Sellers were very impressed with your expertise and we are moving forward with the closing of this home.... Thanks Again!!"

Seller's Realtor

For Historic Homes, Large Luxury Homes 
We Cover All Of North Carolina


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